I have ten years experience of working in bereavement support with Cruse Bereavement Care. This work has involved one to one support and also facilitation of group work where a number of bereaved people would attend a bereavement support group twice a month. This experience has been invaluable to me in helping me understand and empathise when someone we love and care about suddenly leaves our life.

We can be in a state of turmoil and confusion immediately after our loss and emotionally quite unstable. With the help of someone experienced in bereavement work we can try together to make some sense of our loss and find ways to mourn and express our grief.

Our emotions can at this time fluctuate from anger, to sorrow, to guilt and we seem to initially not be in control of these emotions. Individuals will experience different stages of bereavement but not always in any particular order. Most people will experience certain stages of grief which could include.

  • Acceptance that our loss has taken place.
  • Experiencing the emotional pain that comes with the grief.
  • Adjusting to life without our loved one. Not forgetting them but making adjustments.


Most people will go through stages of grief but it is not always a smooth passage, sometimes we can feel stuck and find it difficult to move on to accepting our loss.

Bereavement counselling at this time of loss and turmoil can help provide support and help to cope with your grief and adjust to life without your loved one.

If you feel it would help to talk to an experienced Bereavement Counsellor then I would be privileged to try to help support you through your loss.